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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

scenic routes, haircuts, sunspots, paradox

from february 2009:

"we actually have been very careful hesitant cautious slow about putting the neighborhood into too many words thus far. it is still so young, and we want to let it have a childhood, let it evolve naturally and honestly, even awkwardly if need be. it is its own unique entity, and it is growing, and we are just attempting to take care of it and live out our questions."


"over the past year, we have had many conversations about the realities of living in different places together for different lengths of time. we want to emphasize that the traveling neighborhood is not meant to be any kind of strict club membership commitment. very much the contrary; it has stemmed from an acknowledgment of life seasons and the importance of remaining loyal to that individual fluidity. we understand that, as we move about, some people will settle down in different places along the way, and new people will join. we'll float through some cities for just a few months, while some stops will result in permanent residents. and regardless of who is where across the globe at any given time (who is stationary and who is individually or collectively mobile), the idea is that we are always still in the neighborhood together."


"to make all of this cohere and grow, we’ve decided to plant 'trees,' or home bases, places where we can have roots, and someone or someones are always holding down fort, and investing in the actual geographic neighborhood. and others can come and go and wander and return as the seasons beckon, and the whole family can have permanent mailing addresses, and storage. in los angeles, our home base will include our first neighborhood office, and we are looking forward to writing all our lists on the walls, and taping up big maps and fabric pockets to collect all of our ideas, and starting a physical archive and research library. this or other home bases may evolve to also include studio, gallery, rehearsal, and performance space, and possibly a cafĂ©, and oh, you know, there are many possibilities. one step at a time, but mind you, we’re thinking big."