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a middle of the daydream

I want to dress in colors and textures and patterns and look like the sort of girl I think I am sometimes.  I want to walk into unique coffee shops and belong there.  I want to blend into my environment as if I were part of what makes it so rather than as a visitor from outside.  I want to have freckles in the right places and have a sing-song voice that draws people in comfort and curiosity.  I want to sit in big-armed chairs with boots and a novel.  I want my camera to be an expected presence that goes where I go.  I want to be able to sing to myself in a public place and not worry.  I want to be simply full of breath and music notes.  I want to wear scarves and be romantic and subtly beautiful in a hilter-skilter way.  I want to remember how to pretend and yet be me at the same time.  I want to be okay with being accompanied and with being alone and be comfortable visiting kindreds without the necessity of words.  I want to be content to absorb things without the need to grapple at details.  I want to eat things that are beautiful and fully taste them with my soul and not just my tongue.  I want to wear a dress everyday and walk barefoot and have hair that blows in the breeze at the right moments.  I want to explore and travel with a pen and notebook and camera and me.  I want to wear pigtails to work and that be okay.  I want to feel apart from the world for brief intermissions and fully friends with it at others. I want to go on holiday and be truly on holiday.

{polaroid:  shards by kimberly k. taylor}

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"We are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of dreams."
- Willy Wonka

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meet me in d.c.

"Ours is a rally for the people who've been too busy to go to rallies, who actually have lives and families and jobs (or are looking for jobs) -- not so much the Silent Majority as the Busy Majority. If we had to sum up the political view of our participants in a single sentence... we couldn't. That's sort of the point."

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The Grounded Astronaut

Everybody, look. I'm on fake TV.

I'm doing a show on Monday and Wednesday night (10pm EST/7pm PST) called The Grounded Astronaut. It's mostly just me doing some live illustrating and talking about life and art with any friend or local artist who wants to join me in studio. Maybe my Neighbors would like to be guests at some point? As the Neighborhood can attest, no distance is insurmountable. All it takes is an Internet connection and a microphone. Let me know if you'd like to join.

note to megan. in case you missed it:::::::::::


:::note to neighborhood: please pass to likeminded dreamers::::::::
for megan and joie rue!

mommie revolution!
lveo. peace, ya'll!

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dreams and windows
divided by a grace note

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MARCEL THE SHELL WITH SHOES ON from Dean Fleischer-Camp on Vimeo.

i'm sorry, but this is the cutest thing you'll ever see.

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alex & mina are on a trip around the world...

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Your Secrect

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"the brave, new ok go world"

hello echo

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can postsecret and facebook save a life?

"Within 24 hours, nearly 20,000 people had signed up for a Facebook group titled “please don’t jump,” which was later linked beneath the secret on the Post Secret blog, linking in thousands of supportive comments. On the group’s page, sympathetic users posted comments ranging from simply 'I want you here' to 'If I knew when you’d be at the bridge, I’d drive all the way from Ohio to meet you there, and hold you until you changed your mind.'"

more here

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gonna die with my hammer in my hand

Indecision led to what I'm doing now, and I suppose that's ok because building helps me think.
We fix houses for people that can't afford it.
This was the 2nd worst mobile home I've ever seen. Georgia Johnson spent her life savings raising 22 foster children over a period of 40 years, never having any of her own. Her husband's sudden death left her with nothing, and health problems led to her nigh imprisonment in a trailer that I had trouble even entering because of the rotten steps. The roof was caving in and the plumbing hadn't worked in a year. Extension cords ran all over the house from the single working outlet and her house was heated by turning on the oven. 25 volunteers and I cleaned and painted her house, fixed the electricity and plumbing, and replaced her porch and stairs.

Working at a non profit I've gotten used to hearing stuff like "draw up blueprints" even though I have no experience in engineering / architecture. This ramp is what I came up with and built this week, and it's let Georgia leave her house independently for the first time in years, which I definitely got a big kick out of seeing.
Don't get me wrong, I'm no idealist, and I suppose that alienates me from most of you, dear readers. To me, rebuilding is an act of defiance-- staving off the inevitable entropy towards which we are all speeding. I enjoyed seeing a community come together and give dignity to a woman that has gone by unnoticed for far too long, but will probably remain that way.

If any of you are interested in getting involved, drop me a line. It doesn't matter where you are, we're everywhere. I'll be damned if I can remember where I call home these days.

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Today is a normal day and we are just normal people trying.

I'm trying to do something new,
moreugly and blurry
and failure
and family; it's called the big heart show,
it's about showing what we've found.

Here are the first three epidoses for your disapproval...

This is the Big Heart Show!

A Working Class Hero Is Something To Be

Today is Tuesday and we are just normal elephants

lveo. peace~

Monday, May 3, 2010

around the world in fourteen months

they are trying to take away my dirigible. it's too dangerous. too combustible, they say. well, so be it. i'll think of it less as my castle in the sky, and more as a cocoon that I have to leave behind. i won't mourn it. i don't need it to fly. after all: I am becoming flight.

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a floating world

"The Waterpod demonstrates future pathways for nomadic, mobile shelters and water-based communities, docked and roaming.

It embodies self-sufficiency and resourcefulness, learning and curiosity, human expression and creative exploration. It intends to prepare, inform, and provide an alternative to current and future living spaces.

In preparation for our coming world with an increase in population, a decrease in usable land, and a greater flux in environmental conditions, people will need to rely closely on immediate communities and look for alternative living models; the Waterpod is about cooperation, collaboration, augmentation, and metamorphosis.

As a malleable and autonomous space, the Waterpod is built on a model comprised of multiple collaborations. The Waterpod functions as a singular unit with the possibility to expand into ever-evolving water communities; an archipelagos that has the ability to mutate with the tides.

The Waterpod is mobile and nomadic, and as an application for the future it can historicize the notion of the permanent structure, simultaneously serving as composition, transportation, island, and residence. Based on movement, the Waterpod structure is adaptable, flexible, self-sufficient, and relocatable, responsive to its immediate and shifting environment.

As with art, architecture is largely about stories: stories of its inhabitants, its community, its makers and their reflections on the past or expectations of the future. The Waterpod is an extension of body, of home, and of community, its only permanence being change, flow, and multiplicity. It connects river to visitor, global to local, nature to city, and historic to futuristic ecologies.

With this project, we hope to encourage innovation as we visualize the future fifty to one hundred years from now."

more here and here

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hey neighbors,

i’m collecting stories about transition and transportation from all sorts of people, in all sorts of places, for a performance project that will happen next spring (2011) in providence...

do you have any stories you'd be willing to share? anecdotes from bus rides, serendipitous happenings, close calls?

subtopics of particular interest right now include:
home | homelessness | wandering | wanderlust | acclimation | language | poverty | chance encounters | anonymity | ritual | habit | moments of life change | bus/subway culture vs. car culture | providence, rhode island

if you want to contribute, please email your stories (related to the above list or not) to: transitionplay (at)

more info/updates:

Thursday, April 1, 2010

the answer.

last night I decided that it'll be better if I stop trying to get other people to change...

more on that here...

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Only Skin~ Joanna Newsom.

"then there was a silence you took to mean something:
mean, run, sing
for alive you will evermore be…”

I love this song...

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You're a Wolf.

In wildness is the preservation of the world.


Friday, March 19, 2010


this is one of the most beautiful compositions i have heard in my pulls at the threads of the deepest wells of emotions sadness...ecstasy...fear...tranquility. i just wanted to share this beauty with you all.

Henryk Gorecki's "lento e largo - tranquillissimo" from symphony no. 3

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Mother Revisited

I Think It's Going To Rain

(But this is what I've been really meaning to say)

and... lveo, peace!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Set your compasses to north

I've got new direction

will send postcards from the long road.

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meet darling

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Tick, Tock

I am reading books on physics that I do not understand. I am reading them in this man's voice. I am doing strange interviews with the wind, a pageantry of blissful madness played for empty stadiums. I am allowing to speak to me that which does not have a voice. I am deciphering codes and symbols. I am making up the future to understand the past. I am clenching pens and pencils like rifles at the ready. I am bewildered and frustrated and enraptured. I am a conspiracy of one. I am burning with a thing inside me. I want it to catch fire in you, too.

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38 Plays: 38 Days

Starting March 1st, I intend to read each of Shakespeare's 38 plays in as many days. I warmly invite you to join me.

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postcard plays: a project by anna moench

"Here's a startling statistic: 9 out of 10 Americans have never received a postcard with a play written on it. I'm outraged too. But we can piss and moan about this sorry state of affairs or we can act, and I have decided that it's time I did my part to heal this broken world. Therefore hear this: I will write you a play on a postcard and mail it to you. It will be new and just for you, and you can perform it with finger puppets at your kitchen table or simply read it in the bathroom. Together we can change an invented statistic. Will you join me in the fight?"

Monday, February 8, 2010

I was in Cuba last week. Soaking up much needed sun, celebrating a birthday with a very good friend, experiencing the vibrancy of the city.
I left something behind.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

from Vladimira Bolješiková

I am reading the poems of Emily Dickinson right now. The poems like: I felt a Funeral, in my Brain, “Much Madness is Divinest Sense.” or I heard a fly buzz when I died.
I found two different biography of E.Dickinson. One writes that her father was a tyrant, another that he was loving father. So I believe neither.

That writing about death doesn seem to me that she longs for it, it would be quite simple. It sound like something metaphysics. I do not understand it.
I have no idea how to read these poems, but I would like to understand them.

And write me what are u doing, how are you and how is your little niece. I would like to go to Shangay to see Expo 2010, but it is quite far:)

I am sending you no love, but good slovak beer.
Na zdravie!

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The Liberty Songbook (is a dream).

Th Libery Songbook (It's a War on War!

lveo. peace!
The Smiths

american conservatory theater

a less poetic update.
i'm going to san francisco.
like friday.
and like,
on saturday..
i'll be in an audition.
it's pretty cool.
it's for grad school.
i don't know what will happen.
just hopin'
tennessee & aristophanes
will be mah buddies that day.
i think
my biggest hope,
is that i breathe,
that i speak well,
and that i have fun
it's pretty fun.
and then,
enjoy the weekend,
in my favorite city,
with my favorite man.
but i believe in
the power of positive
and maybe,
if you all could
think positively on
saturday, sending
it towards
san francisco & me.
that would be cool.
that would be like,
really cool.

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kseniya simonova, from ukraine

our family writes haiku

My art? To observe
Your blog is inspiration
Keep submitting please!

mary de verges

donna the horse, croatia