Monday, February 1, 2010

american conservatory theater

a less poetic update.
i'm going to san francisco.
like friday.
and like,
on saturday..
i'll be in an audition.
it's pretty cool.
it's for grad school.
i don't know what will happen.
just hopin'
tennessee & aristophanes
will be mah buddies that day.
i think
my biggest hope,
is that i breathe,
that i speak well,
and that i have fun
it's pretty fun.
and then,
enjoy the weekend,
in my favorite city,
with my favorite man.
but i believe in
the power of positive
and maybe,
if you all could
think positively on
saturday, sending
it towards
san francisco & me.
that would be cool.
that would be like,
really cool.


Anonymous said...

break a leg, lady!

Anonymous said...

and... how did it go?

Brittany said...

no callback.
but issokay!

jamie said...

that was me, not brittany who wrote that.

i'm on her computer bc mine was stolen :(