Thursday, October 1, 2009

They Shall Be Robots!

As a child, I colored things.
As an adult, I make things to color.
This is a wonderful balance, I think.

Here's to the one day a year
you get to say "yes, I can be"
to everything!


Anonymous said...

oh this is fantastic.

and, i need to come visit you (soon).

and, your site's looking pretty darn fabulous these days!

stephen said...

Hells, yeah. What you NEED to do is come up to Portsmouth on Halloween and march with the broseph and me in the parade. I promise, this thing does not disappoint. There are no floats, no drillmasters, just hundreds of costumed creatures marching through the streets in symbiotic chaos. And loud instruments are a bonus.

joana Smith said...

... coloring books, masks, let's play!