Thursday, April 23, 2009

#44: Don't Give Up, We've Come So Far! Here Are Your Cuffs!



Anonymous said...


DaniellaBella said...

I only know you from here...
but I just wanted to say that I'm so proud of you. You're helping me to believe that it is possible to make change by starting wherever it is that you are and moving forward always with hope.

joana Smith said...

DaniellaBella~ Thank you!
That takes my breath away!
Thanks so much for letting me know!

It's hard from this little
apartment, to know whether or not this ole fairy magic is
doing its work!

Right now a little break from blogging because I am making a
magical pouch to send the cuffs to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. in. Maybe they'll get there
for mothers day.

...So, have you found your cuffs yet?

selene said...

fantastic! lovely foto!