Sunday, April 12, 2009

So I've been thinking about shoulds and guilt and shame. I think that people just, for the most part, want to live and contribute and be happy. And that there are so many paths, so many journeys for us all. But sometimes we get confused or mixed up or a little bit lost. And that's ok. So long as we keep trying to find the pathway through the forest. Sometimes we just get lost, so much so that we forget what it is that makes us feel alive and happy and here. Maybe whatever it is, whoever you are, wherever you may be whether it's good or bad, hard or easy, ashamed or proud, near or far if it's an experience that is true in that moment, it is real. And something that is real is always always worthwhile. And something that is true always deserves celebration and cultivation. And just because it's not something that you expected to feel (or do or be) and it's certainly not something that someone says should exist... that doesn't mean that it should be hidden... and it doesn't mean that we're not dancing beside you with joy when you share it.



Happy Easter to you and family
Life is indeed a big journey from birth to death .Days are the destinations we reach in the course of Journey and minutes and hours are the events in the journey.

Anonymous said...

oh, i needed this
i think a lot of need this,
every day.

thank you