Tuesday, May 5, 2009

"black, white & red all over'"

dream in paper airplanes
grazing the stain
of summer ceiling 
and requested bruises
let's recapture fragments
so as to retell
so as to remind
developing story of how 
my tongue
wagged over glue
sealing my only physical 
connection to you

future forward 
we select 
our life props 
to be taxidermied 
in red frames 
marking black facts in half-lies
shaping fantastical white truths 
manipulating stranger understanding
our love is a debut
a premiere
set to the spin
of shining melodies
needle scoring 
scratch, hiss and pop
rousing the notes 
of where we've been--
the violin wail 
of a butterfly taking flight

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thekitchenboy said...

let's all dream in paper airplanes