Saturday, May 30, 2009


When searching for something completely unrelated, I chanced upon these mathematical quilts by Twelve by Twelve, a collaborative art quilt project and community. I found their mission statement beautiful and inspiring:

We are twelve quilt artists who have embarked on an art challenge together. Every two months or so, we each make a small quilted art piece -- 12 by 12 inches -- on a designated theme. We use our blog to share our process and progress. The results are showcased on the Theme Gallery and Artist Gallery pages of this website.

We're from different places throughout the world and our artistic styles vary, but we share a love of art quilting and a desire to play, experiment, learn, and grow.


TheDr. said...

How cool! and snugly!

Anonymous said...


golfneye said...
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filmneye said...

What a challenging concept for these talented quilt artists, and what a joy for us all to see.