Monday, July 6, 2009


This is the desert, I think.

It's now July, which means it's no longer May and June, which means the busiest, most stressful two months in my recent history are now over. Six major client projects, surprise trips to Ohio and California, a move from Maine to New Hampshire, a family reunion planned and executed, a dad temporarily hospitalized.

Now it's all done, and I'm looking for some kind of oasis, to maybe refresh the heart. But it's just sand from here to the horizon.


thekitchenboy said...

congratulations on surviving it all...!

sometimes there is a long period of transitional sand, i mean some people have been known to wander through deserts for 40 years... but i reckon water will come sooner than later

selene said...

although i feel your discomfort, this reads beautifully.