Monday, July 13, 2009

a collaborative art venture

a performance in fragments and phases

You are invited to participate in a collaborative art venture...

Responses to the questions below will be woven into a performance installation in Wroclaw, Poland over the next week. They may also be used online and in forthcoming phases of the project.

  1. Define tomorrow.
  2. Describe a dream that you remember.
  3. Why are you where you are?
  4. What name or pseudonym (if any) would you like it to appear in the list of project participants? (Your name will NOT be connected to your responses.)
If you would like to participate, please submit your responses by Thursday, July 16. You can send them directly by e-mail to imnotmovingtowarsaw @ gmail . com or use the online form at

1 comment:

CLR said...

That's crazy. I'm actually not that far from Wroclaw.