Wednesday, August 19, 2009

its raining in athens.

dirt on my anklebone, i just dont know
about pastel colours and big pockets i cant remember
what used to make sense, or the things i liked and favourites
are mixed up or stolen and i remember when all i wanted
years ago was to be quiet and brave guess im here now just
killing time.


thekitchenboy said...


Randy said...

You might be killing time in Athens but your Dad wishes you were killing time in Arizona with him!!! Miss you daughter...come home safely....Dad

kirsten said...

sounds good to me.

joana Smith said...

I can't stop thinking about these lines ever since i read them yesterday. And then this morning i heard about the fires in athens.

...The big pockets,
the dirt, the things you liked,
and the being brave...

little bird, return~

and pour out your pockets.