Monday, March 9, 2009


i am thinking of doing a very big painting
of a very big treehouse
and i cant get it out of my head.
back and forth, like ghosts like milk thistle
to prague, to osinalice
and déjà vu in my pocket keeps comin' out
its like i dont know how to dress in winter clothes
clumbsy in muddy colours and tangles
in all of my hair
and dreaming at night feels like
trying to get something back.

forest walks
and feathers
and anna karenina.

dirty socks
and edith piaf
and květiny.

i am saying, please.
i am not a kite song,
or a perty face or a soft
animal pretty please
i am saying, dont
tell everyone you know we know,
i know.

and i think, sometimes people change their minds.
and i am thinking, dear dear deer i am
hearing it, along with some song
about arizona.

i have so many things to tell you.


thekitchenboy said...

please paint the treehouse,
maybe at the tree?

DaniellaBella said...

i think your phobia is my phobia too.
if you do paint a treehouse i'm going to live in it.

Ashley said...

my breath has been taken away as i follow your words.