Friday, March 20, 2009

Dear Brave Wandering Family,

You do Haiku.
Do you also do epistolary relationship?

I thought that since we are all in
other places,
I could have one with you!

i am from houstonboulderparisbostonlondonsanfrancisco,

and sometimes I find myself engaging in acts of
intellectual vandalism...
(Martin Luther did it!)

Recently, I have made you this magnet,

(Isn't it the back door that always leads to the water?)

This week I was in New Orleans,
and I posted your magnet in the most important places!

There was a parade going on at the time....

I also think mythology is an important medium
for a culture.

And because I believe in your mission-
and because you are beautiful (inside and out),
the mythology is going to be you*

*of course!

I have already made one story.
It is about when I met Megan Dally in Paris in 2006.
It was completed at 7:00am November 1st, 2008;
and it's called,

"The Revolution of the Mommies:
a mother of a revolution.
'It's about the hive and the honeybee!'"

It's for trees, who are always awake,

And it's about seeing our stuff with new eyes...

I made it from stuff that I found,
and an old photo album of our family that my grandma
was going to throw away.

It is also about bringing vision into reality.

and cuffs!

(I also like to start trends,
I think it is fun!
Maybe we can start some good ones together!)

Dearest Traveling Neighborhood,
I will be winding this down soon.
I just wanted to let you know what I'm up to.

I have a three times weekly blog on,
but I will reserve my more personal thoughts and plans for you.
I do have a very important mission to fulfill,
maybe you will understand.
~more on that later.

for Now,
lveo. peace~
Spread the Word!

your fairy godmother*



Stephen said...

Thank ye kindly, fairygodmother. I don't think we've met yet, but this fairlyoddjester hopes we do someday.

And yes, mythology is very, very important.

joana Smith said...


I'm glad you see the importance of mythology. You can make some too! Actually, I think it's what we're doing already here!

It should be very beautiful, of course, and very visual as well...but I think we all also have these visual leanings.

Now we just need to project it outward: follow the more accessible of your big dreamings!(I like intellectual social vandalism, in life and online.)

As long as the light is falling right (Poof!) we will show the world our collective rainbow!

we will be bold doves,
we will be very brave together.

thekitchenboy said...

joana, fairygodmother dear,
you know you are part of we, right?

and, i love the magnet!

and, goodness i am so happy you exist