Sunday, March 1, 2009

Everything moves real slow when it's 40 below

This is my foray into the Traveling Neighbourhood, aside from thinking about it alot. I only know one of the family by face, but I think that I know the community by heart. In a far flung community inspiration is so important to growing ideas & new ways to live & old ways to dream. In the middle of winter when it's -44 degrees C

(my eyelashes literally froze together today. I spoke with a lady from Siberia who told me that it was colder in Regina... then she told me the the key to a better life was a husband... sigh) & all we want to do is hibernate & sleep. So we make lists of things that make things better: 

& dream of other times & places & people. And continue to believe that when my energy can be devoted to things other than keeping my internal organs from freezing solid... I will create again.
Being brave in the hardest year in colder Canada.
"Everything moves real slow when it's 40 below" - The Canadian Dream by Sam Roberts 

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Anonymous said...

this is beautiful!

lindsay has told me so much about you. i can't wait to meet you one day.

and, i am just so happy you are in the neighborhood.