Friday, March 27, 2009

Important Things


Have you seen this? I mean...imagine, for a moment, if you took the collective consciousness and bottled it into a lava lamp. This is what you would get. And it's just utterly eerie and fascinating.

Also, I think you should know that I designed and finished three websites this week, and tomorrow I'm going to draw comics, and I want to roar like a mighty, mighty lion.



ptr grg knt said...

I wanna be a lion
everybody wants to pass as cats
we all wanna be big big stars
yeah but we got different reasons for that

Anonymous said...

this could be helpful for writer's block?!

Anonymous said...

and, you are a lion
please roar at every opportunity

i feel an itch to listen to some crows...

beany malone said...

less structured- for better or worse-- is similar place to visit:


joana Smith said...

*Push the boundaries of brave out just a little further
than you think they should go*

jamie said...

all this lion-talk.
and i still want to be.