Monday, March 23, 2009


wandering, brave family.
i am having a very un-brave day.

i feel. like i. can tell you that.

i'm tired.

of sending friends off to places.
and staying here.
of slipping my time card in the machine.
and turning on the computer.
of feeling forgotten.
of losing my passion.
of overcast eyes.
defeated, always.

i'm tired.

of letting it happen.
of crankiness, and whining,
and not counting my blessings.
i'm tired. of being. the one
who can't see good in her life.

i'm tired.
oh wandering, brave family.
you are b r a v e .
i am not so brave.

it is tiring not to be brave.
i wish i was courageous.
and. lionhearted.

i'm trying.
i'm trying.
oh, i am trying.
to be. brave.

i am trying to be brave.


Anonymous said...

sometimes being still for a season,
is the bravest most courageous thing you can do

selene said...

i must agree with anonymous. being brave at what is your most difficult is indeed a brave act!

stephen said...

i agree with selene and the unknown voice.

i also think (and here is where i'm at right now) that if you don't feel brave in the midst of challenge, then good ol' fashion stubbornness will do just as well.

Anonymous said...

oh lady,
i am glad you wrote this here.
and, you are in the midst of shift right now
keep holding onto that red balloon
it can see things from its height that aren't apparent to you yet
and they are good things
aurora told me

DaniellaBella said...

I cannot even tell you how much this spoke to me. This is exactly how I feel most of the time but don't have the energy to express. I miss the ebb and flow and wonder of a journey, something new, or dreaming of something bigger than myself. Please know that you are not alone and that we all believe in you. And that by being not-quite-so-brave and saying so you are just reaching out your hands to us other un-brave ones. And we are always, always reaching back. Ok?

jamie said...


merci, from the bottom of my big heart.