Monday, March 30, 2009

Of not owning.
of walking through this night together,
Scavengers of beauty.
I think about having and what I would lose if I didn't have to reach for you:
a spattering of stars
harvest moon
handsewn pads of paper to scribble how much I love you on,
strong feet
a birdcall echoing
nightwind through the pines,
and unboringness
arising from the dictates of necessity.
In stretching out my arms to embrace you
I sweep up succulence in between.
This is what love can do;
it can make us the inheritors of kingdoms,
dwelling in castles
--though not owning them in deed.

Running with this in my hand today....

lveo. peace~


Anonymous said...

this is just,
so beautiful and wise

joana Smith said...

kitchen boy, thanks You*

I think
I finally found my family!
exciting time for US...
bringing gifts to U.S.!!
Yes, we will.